Netflix Is Trialling A New Feature In The UK & It Could Seriously Shake Up Your Viewi

18 April 2019 by Bustle
Picture from Netflix Is Trialling A New Feature In The UK & It Could Seriously Shake Up Your Viewi
Netflix users fall into two distinct camps. One half spend a good half hour scrolling through the platform in an attempt to find something to watch. The other half know exactly what they came for and make a beeline for it.

If you fall into the former portion, you may be pleased to know that Netflix is trialling a new feature in the UK — and it's set to make your life a whole lot easier. The hugely popular streaming service is trying out a weekly top 10 list. It will show users which shows and films have been viewed the most over the past seven days. The point, according to Netflix executive Greg Peters, is to allow people to "participate in [a] public conversation," reports the BBC. So if you were left in the dark over the Bird Box meme saga or couldn't keep up with the mania surrounding Sex Education, the lists will guide you on what to watch and when. Initially, the UK will be the first and only country to see the change. The trial will last for "a few months," Netflix CEO Reed Hastings wrote in a recent letter to investors, reports Verge. If it goes well, the top 10 feature may be rolled out across the world. And if it doesn't, it's back to the drawing board. Tech devotees are already labelling the move as a pretty big deal. Up until now, Netflix has been rather secretive about viewing figures, leaving everyone to assume that the most popular co...

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