‘Triple Frontier’ Relied On Some Real Special Forces Officers

13 March 2019 by Bustle Netflix Originals, Triple Frontier
Picture from ‘Triple Frontier’ Relied On Some Real Special Forces Officers
Netflix's new original action film Triple Frontier, available today, follows five military veterans left adrift and broke after serving their country.

Determined, the friends decide to use their training to rob one of South America's drug kingpins. With attention to detail and depiction of training in use, is Triple Frontier based on a true story? The plot might not be, but the smaller gestures and moments come from a real place. Part heist movie, part military (or more exactly, post-military) drama, Triple Frontier's got plenty of action, but hinges on the issues of men feeling betrayed on a larger scale. Ben Affleck, Oscar Isaac, Charlie Hunnam, Pedro Pascal, and Garret Hedlund play the crew, who in the face of their dangerous plan quickly unraveling begin to question each other. In the past, their unimpeachable mutual trust is what kept them alive, but now, all sorts of cracks are beginning to show. Triple Frontier has taken over a decade to make its way to screen. IndieWire reports that around 2005, when director Kathryn Bigelow and Triple Frontier writer Mark Boal were working on the set of what would eventually be The Hurt Lock...

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